terça-feira, 15 de maio de 2012

The Scene

I entered the living room
To a scene which gave me a hard on
She was there
Sitting in a leather winged back chair
Unaware of my presence by the garden door
Her pants discarded nearby on the floor
One leg draped over the arm of the chair
Happily pleasuring herself without a care
Her eyes closed thinking she was alone
Writhing gently with each successive moan
Between her lips fingers worked eagerly
And her pink flesh responded moistly
 I slipped off my shorts right there
And began tugging on my organ before her
She opened her eyes and gasped in surprise
Her eyes looking at me pulling on my rise
She continued masturbating with me watching
And I matched the rhythm of her fingering
Then she motioned me to her in the chair
Still tugging on my organ I approached her
With her free hand she grabbed my erection
Taking it in her mouth to my satisfaction
With one hand I braced myself on the chair
While the other one caressed her red hair
Her thighs drew together as she came loudly
Moaning and writhing, still sucking on me
She jumped up and knelt in the chair quickly
Gripping the leather back offering herself to me
I pulled up her short skirt quickly by the hem
Exposing her buttocks then I fondled them
Her Round firm buttocks confronted me
As I knelt down to lick her moist cunny
"I want you in me now" she said in haste
"Don't worry" I replied, "I just want a taste"
I stood, hands on her cheeks caressing her
Kneading them before penetrating her
Once inside her I pulled at her summer vest
Then my hands played with her breasts
I thrust into her tight pussy again and again
Gripping her tits as I gave her my cane
Then her taught body gave a shudder as she came
Then another and another then I did the same
After withdrawal she was all coy and beguiling
She put on her pants and went away smiling
After one session I looked forward to another

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