domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

taste the devil inside you..

lying beneath you i
watch your knees flex
your cunt descending
my open mouth waiting
you lift your skirt
holding it like a canopy
and i am hidden inside
i feel the rasp
and tickle of
indecent hair on my chin
and against my nose
you smear my face
with warm juices
teasing and smothering
and i cannot breathe
you tempt and then deny
but slowly and deliciously
you open for me
my lips meet your lips
a kiss tasting of extasy
of cunt and cock
my tongue finds your pearl
hiding in the folds
your fragrance intoxicates
inciting me to madness
you palm my face away
hissing flagrant abuses
slut, pervert, bitch, lover
i wait for the rain to fall
tumbling warm and fat
and then sip from your cunt
the sweet and sour
the bitter-sweet hot flavor
your extasy worm white juices
the devil inside you takes the whole of me

3 comentários:

  1. Inciting me to madness...

  2. Delicious...take the devil inside Me...

  3. Muito, muito bom.
    Bela forma de começar a semana...
    Beijo sexy,