terça-feira, 17 de abril de 2012

Red Hair

The sun on your red hair
Turning it to blazing fire
As it tumbled
Onto the white flesh of your shoulders
The pastel shades
Of your meagre top
Struggled to contain the vibrancy of your breasts
And your naked midriff tantalized
The waistband of your skirt sat on your hips
While the white cotton below
Encased your rolling buttocks and strong thighs
A gust of summer breeze
Lifted your skirt allowing glimpses of your white thighs
Then as you walked
The sunlight behind you illuminated your form
More than hinting at the delights
Contained within the cotton of your skirt
My thoughts then turned
From your flaming red hair
To a burning desire
To feel you
Contemplate you
It will be my pleasure for today

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  1. Lá está...as ruivas...as ruivas

    Beijos em ti