quinta-feira, 5 de abril de 2012


i slipped my hand down on the waist band of her panties
the thin silk fabric being the only thing causing me not to touch her right then
i moved my hand down to in between her thighs
feeling her lips on the silk
she let out a low moan
she smirked as slipped my finger under her waist band
slowly running my hand down to her pussy
i lightly slapped it and she groaned
i rubbed her clit slowly
she closed her eyes and licked her lips once more
leaning her head against the sheets
thrusting her hips up slowly as she herd my moans
i rubbed her clit faster and let out a shaky moan
she urged to grab her breast
to touch all over her body
i felt the wetness between her legs
as i let my hand go down to her pussy
tease her for a few seconds before rushing to get my hand to her mouth
letting herself taste her sweet juices
she sucked on my fingers for a while
shivers went through her spine as i slapped her pussy once more
her wetness got worse soaking almost the sheets 
she blushed a little
i slipped one finger inside of her slowly
she gasped as it went all the way in
i slowly pumped her finger in and out
arching her back in pleasure as she let out moans
i loved her laid spread in front of me like that
i slipped another finger inside herself slowly
pumped them in and out of her pussy faster
i heard her wetness as i went faster
my hand slap into her pussy every time i moved it in and out
she thrust her hips up in sync
causing herself to let out louder moans
she moaned louder as i thrust her hips up a little rougher with my fingers
she dropped down with pleasure
gasped as she felt my fingers move faster inside of her
she closed her eyes tightly and leaned her head back 
the flame inside of her let out and i felt her cum running down my hand
i laid down beside her and kissed her softly

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