domingo, 10 de junho de 2012


"Take it all, my little bitch…Take it all." 
I could feel your throat loosening up 
your tongue moving along the underside of my cock
giving me all the attention as you always love to do
I loved to watch you beneath me gasping with pleasure
taking the all length of my cock inside your mouth
I fucked your mouth, sliding in and out hard and fast
"When I cum, slut, you will drink every drop, or else." 
My breath started coming harder and faster as I got closer to cumming
I slapped you and slapped again as I continued to fuck you mouth
You started sucking me harder, determined not to spill a drop. 
As I got closer I pushed your head down onto the bed  
shoved myself completely into your mouth
you gaged and cried moaning in between 
as jet after jet of hot, creamy cum shot down your throat
You sucked me hard and lustfully
then ran your tongue over every inch of my cock, 
making sure it was clean, that you wouldn't miss a drop
i pulled you up by your hair
grabbed you in you cheeks as I kissed you
with the flavour of my cum in your mouth

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