sábado, 16 de junho de 2012

My Crave

I crave her. 
I can’t get her out of my mind all day. 
I know she can’t wait to get home and follow the instructions i had left for her already. 
It’s always something new. I’m always careful and lustfull about the tasks, as she is always eager to do them. I am Always eager to please my Slut.
At home and standing in front of the old wooden table. The usual note with instructions is waiting for her.
I want you to take off all your clothes, go upstairs and use the butt plug I have left for you there. Get on your knees and fill your tight asshole. Stay in that position and wait for me.
Mister Peter.”
A shiver runs down her spine. She can’t wait to see what i have in store for her.
She heads upstairs and lose her clothes on the way. Leaving a trail on the floor for me to follow to the bedroom. There’s a pretty princess plug waiting for her on the bed. Her juices are already running down her thighs. The anticipation is such a turn on. She takes the plug, teases her wet slit a bit and aim it at her asshole. It’s cold and wet, feels amazing. She pushes gently and it penetrates her, spreading her tight little hole. I love it as she does too, it stretches her so good. She takes her time, slowly, calmly releases some moans and groans as she insert do plug fully inside her little but hole.  Once it’s fully in she gets on her knees and wait. 
Her juices keep leaking. Her mouth is watering, she can’t wait for me to be there.
I go upstairs. My footsteps sound heavy in the wooden floor. I walk over slowly and stands in front of her. She doesn't dare move.
Look up at me, slut. You’ve been a very good girl. Do you think you deserve a reward?
Yes, my Lord.
What kind of reward d you deserve, slut?
Your cock, my Lord.
Good girl.  Go ahead, get your reward then.
Thank you, my Lord.
She unbutton my pants and it springs out my hard cock. The cock she craves so bad. It’s hard and throbbing already and it’s all hers to eat. To worship and pleasure. She doesn't waste any time. 
She takes the head in her mouth and suck it hard and slow. She pulls back to lick every inch of my hard shaft and suck a bit on the balls. I can’t get enough. She needs more. She takes me in her mouth again and swallow all of me slowly. 
I look deep into her eyes until tears start falling down. Next thing she knows my tie is off and around her neck and i start fucking and abusing her. I never take my eyes off her as she serves as my fuck hole. All I need is to pleasure her. And I do my job well. I can sense she’s close and that’s when i stop, pull her up on her feet and push her against the wall. 
My fingers probe her leaking cunt for a bit before i grab her thighs, lift her up and shove my throbbing cock in her tight pussy. Deep. 
She screams as i start pounding her against the wall. She cums screaming, harder than ever before. She can’t stop cumming and her pussy pulsates around my cock, milking it for every drop. 
Suddenly i pull out and throw her on her knees again just before i start releasing my cum all over her face, covering her with it all. Once i am done cumming. I sit on the floor beside her and feed her my cum with my fingers.
Good girl. Such a good girl.
Thank you, my Lord.

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