sexta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2015

The Other Night

We entered the car and M seated at my side and the S in the back seat. 
I started driving and at the same time our desires started flowing. S leaned to the front and started softly kissing M in the neck, while her hands grabbed her hair in a sensual almost familiar way. I inserted my hand inside M shirt, felt her warm skin, and started playing with her soft tits and already hard nipples. S seated back again and I told M to jump back and join her in the back seat. As M made herself comfortable, S immediately leaned to her and started hungerly kissing and touching her with the drive of giving her the some pleasure she wanted for herself. Driving as I was, I adjusted the mirror so I could watch that wonderful show they were putting up for me. Both their moans went high enough that my attention was completely on them. S completely took control of the situation and dedicated herself to pleasure M. She stared undressing M and her hands and lips where all over her body in a way that made me horny as hell. Trough the mirror I could see M's face filled with pleasure. Her eyes shut, moaning loudly at the same time, and the expression that tells me she completely into it. I reached my hand back between the seats and under S's dress, and I grabbed her leg and wondered around touching and feeling her skin. Still driving, but my mind was completely on them, as we drove trough the city and had cars all around us. Not to long and S was kissing and licking M's pussy. 
My fingers easy reached S's cunt and I inserted two deeply inside of her and let one playing with her clit. I ordered her to contract around my fingers and she obediently did it and I felt my fingers swallowed and pressed very hard by her. I literally could feel her inside become smaller, more wet, and craving against my fingers deep inside her, as her warm juices flowed our of her. 
I could hear S asking M, "do you mind that I come with your men's fingers inside of me?" and M replied "do it.. He knows what he is doing..". 
And in a second I felt her pussy become much more hot and extremely wet, as well as her contractions become harder and her moans louder but toned down by her mouth being glued to M's cunt. 
That car never seemed so big. I was now our private stage of desire. 
We drove about 20km, in, I can't remember how much time. It seemed for ever and at the same like just 5 minutes had passed. 
I stopped the car when I could and leaned back to look directly at them. Booth of them tangled with each other, it was a sight for the gods. 
I ordered S to let go of M and seat back. "Open your legs.." And as she did it i reached and pulled her laced panties out of her. At this moment M was only with her top on. I told her to take it off, and she did it without any question in her mind. I put S legs spread open in front of me and leaned to eat her glowing pussy. I loved that wet salty flavor of it. Her small clit in my mouth was a wonderful appetizer for what was coming after.
At the same time M was kissing and letting her hands travel all over S's body.
"I knows what he is doing, let him do it, enjoy it", whispered M to L. I removed myself and told M to devour S's pussy. She immediately leaned and started to devour her cunt. L's face turned into a painting of pleasure and lust. Her moans become more and more intense as a result of what M's tongue was doing to her. After a while i told M to lean back and ordered S to return the favor. As S put her self in the position to eat M's pussy, i inserted my fingers inside of her and come closer to her ear and whispered as i touched her.."Eat that cunt.. Do it as she likes it.. Suck her clit.. Suck it hard.. Insert your fingers in her.. Fuck her hard.. Fast.. Listen to her moan.." After a while she moved back and it was my time to loose myself into M's pussy. It was already wet a leaking those juices i am completely crazy about. As soon as i tasted them i knew i wanted more and more, as it happens every time i get a taste of her.
The time we were there inside the car, parked, i really don't know. As i don't know the number of persons how passed by and had a good chance to look at us and she the show. I really don't care, because it was a moment made of only feelings and we drowning into them.
The taste of these two women in front of me. The flavor of these two bodies at my disposal. The warmth of these two skins at the touch of my fingers. This was simply something that made sense for us all.

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