quarta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2015

Last Night

I got home and there she was lovely as ever. She can wear a rag and still be the most beautiful woman I ever seen. As we started kissing and undressing she wanted to take of her lingerie. I told her to keep it on because i love to see her wear it. She the asked me to wait until she went upstairs and changed to a sexy one. I waited and after a few minutes she appeared in front of me with a sexy black laced lingerie and her high heels, that put her right at my hight. I took a moment to capture her erotic image in my mind, as she showed off for me, and told her to kneel in front of me. With all my clothes off, and my cock ready for her deep wet mouth, I ordered her to eat me as we booth love it. She immediately accepted the order and swallow my cock deep in her mouth, sucking and kissing it while realising some moans in between. I grabbed her blond hair and imprinted a movement with my hands in her head, and literally fucked her warm mouth. After a while I told her to get up and went in the other room were I told her to seat in the stairs. I opened her legs wide open, and whit them over my shoulders, I glued my mouth to her cunt. I love her flavor as she gets horny. As I started to lick and kiss that already swollen clit, she started to moan higher and higher and her hot white juices started flowing in my mouth. They are truly the drink of the Gods. And with her I feel as the God who gives her pleasure.. From then we had a long way, and the end of our night was another one to remember..

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  1. And so..... you must tell us the day and the night after....with such details.....
    Nice post !!!!

  2. Olá!
    Bom mesmo foi ver o regresso aos posta depois do período de ausência!

    Vénus e Pepe