quinta-feira, 23 de junho de 2016

Last Night

I was waiting as she enter the room.. I instructed her to enter and remove her clothing slowly for me.. I just stood and admired her quietly while she eagerly obeyed my instructions.. 
I stood up and guided her to the wall and left her facing it.. I slowly binded her wrist together with a pair of black metal handcuffs.. 
I placed my hand lightly around her throat.. Not applying pressure.. Just carressing it as i let her feel the heat of my breath upon her neck..
I caressed her ass.. Lightly at first.. This soon turned into a light massage.. Her juices started flowing.. One good hard smack on her right cheek.. She is so stunned that she's forgotten about her wrists being restrained.. 
After a few more hard smacks.. I reach between her legs to find that she is dripping wet.. As i inserted two fingers inside her I heard her deep loud moan.. I know she wants me more than ever.. She begged me enter her deep.. "Not yet" i tell her..
I pull a metalic but plug and slowly start passing it on her back.. The cold metal against her warm skin.. Slowly going down her back until i reach her buttocks.. As dripping wet as she was I insert again to fingers inside her to make them wet.. Her mouth pressed against the wall in a form of complete delight let more moans slip trough.. I press my fingers slowly on her small butt and insert them with care to open way.. A bit in and a bit out as i feel her ass open and close around my fingers.. 
She continues to moan.. Now louder and louder as her body trembles with pleasure..
I remove my finger and gave way for the plug to enter her butt.. I press it slowly and observe as her hole opens and devours that shiny metalic toy..
And with that I also enter her so very gently.. So completely deep i could feel her spasms in my cock.. After a couple of long strokes her body begins to shake all at once.. I feel as a wave of pleasure washes over her.. I begin to thrust quicker deeper and deeper into her.. Her breathing turns ragged.. Her moans louder than ever.. And then complete silence.. And her body just trembles deep as her head spasms in a row of movements that makes me know she has reached her orgasm..

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