segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

The Elevator

Ground Floor
The elevator door spreads open
Throw you to mirror, kiss you, take your cloth off

1st Floor
Grab you by your hair, put you on your knees, suck my hard big cock

2nd Floor
Fast and hard i enter your mouth deep, slide my cock in and out letting your lips involve it hot and wet as you love to do it

3rd Floor
Grab your head with my hands and pull it hard agains my waist as i continue to fuck your mouth and look closely to your lustful look. You gag, gloop, swallow, eat me as i enter in you

4th Floor
The spasm of my cock, trapped by your lips deep in your mouth, trough a hot jet of juice cum, flowing all over your face, making the sight of you even delightful that it already was

5th Floor
How i love to have you like this. Just my little bitch. I as your Master and Commander. Obey and you shall receive

6th Floor
My finger cleans my cum of your face delivering it directly into your mouth. You suck it hard. We Kiss passionately

7th Floor

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